The state of Maine is one of the go-to destinations for tourists from all over North America.  Why?  Let’s start with the 3,500 miles of beautiful coastline with plenty of sandy beaches.  Maine also has more than  million acres of forests and mountains for the avid camper and explorer.  The scenery of this vast state is dotted with more 6,000 lakes and ponds filled with fish.  In Maine you can find something for everyone and the culture of the people here makes the trip worthwhile.  Be sure to schedule your trip around some of the festivals that take place throughout the season.

Visitors who flock to Maine every summer leave with fond memories of their trip to this beautiful state.  Like any other tourist destination there are a couple of spots that tourist flock to every year.  These are some of the places that a first time visitor should add to their bucket list.  If you want to make the most of your next trip to Maine here are some of the must-see places you will need to check out.

Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine offers up the perfect mix of history combines with some charms of the present.  The city is one of the central business hubs of the state, making it home to modern industry but the city has retained the charm of years gone by.  There are beautifully restored Victorian homes along the Western Promenade.  You should also visit the Maritime Signal Tower and the Portland Observatory, it is the last of its kind in the country.  Portland has a pretty rich culture too, if you want more than just beautiful beaches then try the symphony, the ballet or one of the many art shows around town.  Here are some other things to do.

Beaches and Shoreline

While Portland is a ton of fun and a great place to take a day or two and do some shopping or take in a show, that’s not why most people come to visit this fair state.  People come here to enjoy the beaches.  Miles of white sands on the Atlantic, with charming lighthouses dotting the coastlines.  There are endless activities to do on the beaches and you can create some treasured family memories along the coast of Maine.

Check in with Maine Tourism to see which festivals and activities will be going on before you plan your next trip.  You can find places to camp, hotels and where to get the best seafood on the east coast!